How can we help?


Where can I get Spritz?

Our Spritz is sold exclusively online and can be shipped every where except: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah

How long will it take for my spritz to arrive?

For most US states, orders typically ship within 3-5 standard business days. Due to COVID-19, shipping carriers have been hit with delays out of our control. If you have questions about your order, email orders@drinkloverboy.com.

Do I need to be at home for my spritz to be delivered?

Yes, because our Spritz/Espresso Martini is alcohol, someone 21+ needs to sign + present ID for the order to be delivered.

How do I track my order?

Tracking numbers are sent out as soon as your order ships. Tracking information may take up to 48 hours to update once it's in the hands of your shipping carrier. If you have questions about the statues of your order, you can reach out to orders@drinkloveroby.com.

What do the spritz taste like?

Our Blueberry Lemon spritz is made from organic blueberries and lemons with a touch of fresh basil, giving it a sweet yet zesty flavor!

Our Mango Peach spritz is made from ripe mangoes and peaches with a dash of chilli pepper, giving it a spicy twist on the traditional aperol spritz favor!

Our Passion Fruit Guava gets its tartness from the passion fruit combined with the juicy sweetness from pink guava creating a delicious tropical explosion which is finished off with the smooth sugary honeysuckle.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not at this time.

What happens if I need to cancel my order?

We have a short window of time once your order is placed that we are able to cancel an order. Once it has been processed, we are unfortunately not able to cancel an order.

What happens if I am not home when my order is delivered?

3 delivery attempts are made. After this, your order is shipped back to our warehouse. You are responsible for paying the additional fees associated with this.


When will Loverboy teas be available in my state?

We are working hard to get our teas to your state and will let you know as soon as we find our way to a retailer near you!

Is there caffeine in your teas?

Short answer is no! 

We buy organic tea from Amelia Bay - the brewing and extraction process results in a caffeine free product that we simply add to purified water. Most people are concerned about the darjeeling black tea used in our lemon iced tea because black tea has more caffeine than white tea, and even that is caffeine free.

If you are experiencing a boost in energy, it’s probably from the high quality alcohol we import from the Netherlands…it’s certainly a higher quality buzz :)


What’s your return policy for merch?

Returns are offered within 30 days after product delivery on items that are unworn, unaltered and in new condition. All we need to complete your return is a receipt or proof of purchase! If you want to exchange your purchase for a different size, just ship your original order back to us. Once we get your exchange, we will send you your new size for free!

Will you bring back past styles/styles that sold out?

Maybe. We typically like to have new merch items for you, so don’t normally restock. But keep an eye on our site and social because we have brought back some of our highly demanded items!

How long will it take for my merch to ship?

We try to get your orders out  within the week that they are purchased.


Do I have to be 21+ to order Loverboy?

Yes, you are required to be 21+ to browse our site and attest to this when you enter. To order our Spritz, you must provide proof of legal drinking age when it is delivered to you. You are also required to be home to accept your delivery because of this.

Where can I find your Spritz and Teas?

Spritz: Order online through drinkloverboy.com and have delivered to all states except: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah

Teas: Available in ATX, CHI, DC, NH, NJ, NY, MA, PA, RI, VT & WI 

Do you ship internationally?

We do not *yet* ship internationally.

How much does shipping cost on spritz orders?

We have a $10.00 shipping fee on all spritz orders.

Why can I order spritz online but not teas?

As alcohol producers, we are only legally permitted to ship wine based products. Because our spritz are wine based and our teas are beer* based, we can sell and distribute our spritz online but not our teas.

*Similar to other hard seltzers, our teas are made from fermented sugar alcohol, so no malt involved, but are still taxed and distributed like a beer.

Does Loverboy have a subscription plan I can sign up for?

We do not yet have a subscription plan in place but we hope to make it an option for you guys in the near future!

How do you sweeten your products?

We use all natural sweeteners such as monk fruit and blueberries to ensure our products are as good for you as they taste!

Is Loverboy kosher?

We are not certified Kosher, but do not use any products in our Spritz or Teas non-Kosher.

What’s the difference between a canned cocktail and a hard seltzer?

Hard seltzers are typically sugar beer based and heavily carbonated while our spritz is wine based, naturally sweetened and just a little bubbly. Our spritz is comparable to the type of drink you’d order at a cocktail bar!