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All fancy, no fuss

We’re bringing you all the ‘IT’ cocktails in a can. Made with only the finest ingredients and just 4 grams of sugar per serving, these hot topics are ready-made-to perfection so you can sip back, relax and relish in the good times.

Set the bar

Two drinks per can

You know what they say, two is better than one ;)

The best, bar none

Set the bar.

Only the finest ingredients

We don’t skimp where it counts.

Just 4g of sugar per serving

Name another brand or bar that can say that!

12% ABV.

Super buzzworthy, baby!

Slide into our DMs

Right around the corner

Buy our drinks at your local store or get them delivered (to your door).

Find in store

we never do this, but why not grab a 4-pack?

We usually only sell our beloved bevvies in 8-packs and 12-packs, we're sharing a special offer just for you.

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